Ecofer slag processing and metal recovery plant

ECOFER slag processing and metal recovery plants are delivered fully assembled and ready to run – State of the art plants.

Newest technology ECOFER slag processing plant enables most cost effective way to remove steel from slag with 300 ton/h capacity. One plant can handle 1 – 1,5 M ton of slag per year.

Ecofer metal recovery plant has highest processing rate and lowest electricity consumption comparing to competitors.

Our plant has very high metal recovery even up to 99% and very high cleanness even up to 95%.

With ECOFER metal recovery plant customer receive significant annual returns from savings on raw material and/or output sales.


  • The payback period of the invested capital is short
  • Lowest operating costs comparing to competitors
  • Unprecedented and comprehensive solution in one process
  • Highest metal recovery, up to 99%
  • High cleanness, up to 95%
  • The patented High-speed centrifugal mill enables separation for 0-20 mm fraction
  • The Cleaning drum enables high metal purity
  • Tailor made special drum magnets
  • High processing speed 300-350 tons per hour (tph)